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Who is Little Roots Learning Centre?

We are a licensed daycare at the border of SW/NW of Calgary near Valley Ridge and Crestmont.

Little Roots Learning Centre operates as an early learning institute serving children ranging in age from 13 months to 6 years.

Nearby communities include: Crestmont, Valley Ridge, Bowness, Tuscany, Royal Oak, Springbank, Scenic Acres, Cougar Ridge, and West Springs


Our mission is to serve families by providing excellent Preschool & Childcare services to accommodate each child’s individual needs.

Core Values

  1. Create a safe and comfortable environment for the child. 
    We understand that it can be hard for children to be away from their parents. Our primary goal is to ensure that all children who enter the centre feel safe and comfortable.


  2. A Balanced Education
    Our program is designed to meet each child’s unique interests and abilities. The morning program follows a Montessori-style education where children are able to choose to work with different learning tools for 2 hours of uninterrupted time. This program is used to teach focus, refine practical life skills, and to encourage a child’s natural curiosity for knowledge. The afternoon program is focused on playing and developing social skills. Our afternoon programs change on a daily basis with different types of activities for a different day of the week.

    In other words, the morning program is more structured and focuses on independent work whereas the afternoon program is an outlet for children to be children and play and enjoy each other’s company through different activities.


  3. Outdoor Time
    We believe that it is very important for children to be outdoors at least once a day (yes, even in the winter). Research has demonstrated that there are many reasons for children to spend extended periods of time in nature. In addition to the designated outdoor play times, when weather conditions are favorable, programs that can be run outdoors will be run outdoors. We insist that parents dress their children appropriately for all weather conditions.


  4. Parental Involvement 
    We aim to maintain clear communication channels with our parents. We believe that it is important for parents to know what their children are learning at the centre and vice versa. We are very interested in understanding each child’s individual needs and we want our program to be flexible to accommodate each family’s needs.

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