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Our Journey

Humble Beginnings

At the start of any journey there was an idea. Kevin and Annie both love kids and have a passion to see them grow and blossom into wonderful people. At this time Annie was volunteering at her church as Sunday school teacher and Kevin took on the role as a youth leader. 

While completing her Masters at the University of Calgary - Annie would often gravitate back to kids as a de-stressor from her studies. This affirmed her love for kids and childcare as a career. Annie eventually graduated from her Masters program only with a greater assurance and confidence for her passion to work and educate children. 

Many months of prayer and careful consideration. Kevin quit his job and Annie left her field to pursue the start of Little Roots. They would describe this as their Peter and the boat moment to completely trust and exercise their faith in God. 


Sprouting Roots

Paint, build, inspection followed by more building and inspections and Little Roots was given its license to open. Here we go with high hopes but also a lot of wondering and worry, not really sure how anything will be. When we got our first client, a 1-year baby girl who couldn’t walk, loves to cuddle and was scared of loud noises like fire trucks. I (Kevin) saw Annie and this lil' baby girl together and they were both at home with each other. They both equally needed cuddles :) 

Our growth was steady and consistent. Kevin struggled and had many changes of heart and perspectives as he dealt with the overwhelming crying and tantruming babies. It was difficult for him to come from a world of project management and engineering to now negotiating with kids on when nap time should be. By the Grace of God, 2 years after he bought a ring and got down on one knee. He once asked his pastor for marriage advice. How to know when the time is right? His Youth Pastor said to him, when you can see her as the mother of your child. Since that lil' baby girl, Kevin saw in more ways than one how Annie is the mother of his future children. They were married in June of 2021.

Annie was at home and loved being with the kids. She enjoyed every minute with them and embraced them as they are. Although Annie graduated with a Masters in GIS and potentially could have earned a higher income. Annie wouldn't be anywhere else.

Mathew 13:8

 "8 Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown." 

Little Roots was named after this verse in the Bible. We pray that our efforts will be the Little Roots of good soil and to be a blessing to our community. Out of respect for our families we don't preach the Gospel as everyone have different backgrounds. But we act out the love of God by being loving ourselves. 

We often spend time with our families outside of daycare going for lunch, brunch and dinners. Birthday gatherings and sporting events such as hockey, soccer and gymnastics. We love seeing ours kids grow from when they were just crawling to now doing cart wheels and barrel-rolls. The relationship we are able to form and have with our awesome families is something we never knew could be, but are so glad for it. 

For how ever long we are able to do this - we hope and pray that we can be a blessing to
our neighbours because we are blessed for it. 

Little Roots Team
Kevin & Annie


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