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Our Space

At Little Roots we tried very hard to make our main space a home away from home. We want every child to feel immediately welcomed and excited to spend their day here. 


The Rec Room

The Rec Room is a large indoor space where kids can run around and stretch out their legs without having to endure the harshness of mother nature. This room can host upwards of thirty kids. It's a big room to play and educate. 


The Playground

Our playground is an amazing space to be outside and can easily fit upwards of thirty kids at one time. It has a large rubber mulch area with slides and climbers. There are two sand boxes and a splash pool for those hot summer days, all contained in our wooden mulch area. 

Among all those fun activities, there is still plenty of grass space and toys for kids to run around and have a good time outdoors. 

The Baby / Nap Room. 

At Little Roots, we have a designated baby room to ensure infants get their rest while not being disturbed by older kids playing and learning. 
During Covid-19, the Nap room is now being used as our quarantine room. 

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Our Garden

The garden is one of our favourite outdoor activities for preschoolers. We dig, plant and grow many types of flowers, herbs and vegetables. Under the shade of our poplar tree, the kids can enjoy an afternoon picnic, crafts and sensory play in a unique and special outdoor experience. 

The Soccer Field

With parental consent, we have a blast being outside in our own private field. We fly kites, pick wild flowers, play catch, soccer and even hunt for bugs like grasshoppers! During the winter we make snow angels, go sledding and a whole field for snow mans. There is so much to do and a ton to fun of be had in our field.  

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