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It's fun to the be a preschooler.

Our preschoolers often know each other since they were babies. They learned how to walk, talk, share, poddy train and so much more with each other. In Pre-School they continue to learn and be ready for the next steps. 



As Pre-Schoolers they have learned the required skills to be self-sufficient and more of the natural world available to them. Where babies and toddlers will get cold during winter, our preschoolers love being outside making snow angels, snow mans, snow cones, having polar bear races... 
There is so much to do in the winter and we are glad otherwise it will be a very dull 6+ months. 


Show & Tell

We love show & tell because the kids they share and say the cutest things! They also love show and tell because they get to say and share the cutest things! 

All jokes aside, it is a part of the week that daycare, parents and kids look forward too. We all get to watch them share about their show and tell. We have seen kids come out of their shell, build confidence and find their voice. 
Our show and tell follows a weekly theme and kids will bring an item to share.

Weekly Themes

Every week, our amazing team plan a new theme for the kids to carry out. It can be an arrangement of things from outer space to the safari. As we are typing this description, the weekly theme are doctors and nurses.
This theme is the focus our preschoolers. From every craft to activity it is all centered around the weekly theme. 
It's a great way to ground the kids for the week and they look forward to learning something new.  

The Garden

The garden is one of our favorite spaces. During the summer there will be an assortment of colourful flowers for kids to pick and give to their moms. We grow lots of fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, cherry tomatoes and carrots. The preschooler will come out every morning to water the garden. Sometimes it's more of a flooding but its OK because the experience is awesome! They get to see a sprout turn into a stem, into a flower, then a tomato and then onto their plate. The garden serves as a great introduction and builds a healthy relationship with food. 

CPS & Fire Visits

Every Year we invite one or the other to come by for a visit. They park they vehicles on our field and allow for the kids tour the different vehicles. Police will also bring a service dog for kids who are willing. It is always such a fun experience and the kids enjoy meeting our heroes. 

Summer Splash Parties

When it's hot, we pull out the sprinklers, fill up the pool and water balloons and it is a splashing good time. The week we know its going to be HOT. Why not make the most of it? When we announce to the kids we are going to have a splash party. Whatever theme or craft, show and tell there might be will be immediately undermined because all they will think of their splash party. 

Montessori Centers

Montessori is a great tool to help teach structure and discipline to the kids. Everyday they will select a center and bring it back their table. These centers help them learn their numbers, grows the problem solving and critical thinking. When done the kids will put away the center and tidy up after themselves. We don't believe in a full Montessori program as kids still need to play, explore, be creative and use their imagination. But it can't be all fun either. Structure is important in a child's life and so we run a hybrid of Montessori. 

Summer fun in the sun!

Summer is always a good time. We are often outside for 2 hours a day and sometimes even longer. 
Kids can have their snacks outside as a picnic. Play with sensory bins, paint, draw with chalk, catch bugs like butterflies and grass hoppers. We fly kites, play soccer and tee ball. You probably have an idea of what we mean by now. The list goes on and on with the many things we can do when it is warm outside. 

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